sweaters | Classic Cleaners - Part 9

How to de-pill your favorite sweater

It happens to us all. One day you go to put your favorite sweater on but it has taken a turn for the worse. The sweater looks worn beyond its years with those pesky pills all over it. But before you give up and make a trip to the local donation center, try these home remedies to revive your favorite comfy cardigan.

Gently shave the sweater surface with a disposable razor. You may have to frequently wipe off the blades, but the razor will usually catch the smallest of pills.
Use the hook side of Velcro to carefully brush over […]


As a full-service, locally owned cleaner since 1985, Classic Cleaners understands its discriminating customers’ needs and preferences. How much starch do you like? Do you prefer shirts hung or folded? Sleeves creased? How about sweaters? We’ll hang or fold them. These little details matter to us, and they’re at the fingertips of each of the service associates who serve your cleaning needs.

To keep your wardrobe looking and feeling its best, we implement the latest, most effective dry cleaning and laundering technologies, backed by decades of hands-on experience and ongoing training in stain removal and restoration […]

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