sweaters | Classic Cleaners - Part 8

$1.99 Dry Cleaning

We understand that it’s not “normal” or “average” for a person to take all of their items to a dry cleaner. Some people may try to spend as little as possible on dry cleaning their clothing or try to wash everything themselves at home.

But, when you do choose to take your items to a dry cleaner, it’s extremely important that you know what you are paying for and how one dry cleaner who cleans your garments for $1.99 could differ from the dry cleaner who will charge you more.

If a dry cleaner is able to […]

How often should you wash your clothes

Unless doing laundry is your favorite hobby, we thought sharing tips on how to lighten your laundry load while conserving water and energy would be helpful this week.

Although we wouldn’t have a viable business if not for the thousands of items you allow us to clean each day, we want to help you maintain the quality and integrity of your clothing.  We also want to encourage you to help our environment by reducing your water and energy consumption.

A good rule of thumb when determining how “dirty” the clothing is after wearing is divide clothes into two categories […]

Odor Free Dry Cleaning & Stain Removal

Our Detailed Dry Cleaning entails…
–   Attention to fragile fabrics
–   Cleaning by hand if necessary
–   Filtering and re-distilling our dry cleaning solvents
–   Added sizing to give garments extra body and a luxurious finish.
–   Weighing each load of clothes before laundering and dry cleaning
–   A special steam tunnel that gives golf shirts a perfect, soft finish.
–   Neckties pressed with a perfect rolled edge.
–   Repairing loose buttons and fasteners, and open seams.
–   Tissue in the sleeves of blouses and suit coats, in the folds of sweaters, and in the pleats of skirts after cleaning.
–   State-of-the-art automatic bagger that cuts […]

How to Organize your Closet

One of the top ten New Years resolutions for many is to “be more organized”.  We at Classic Cleaners think an organized clothing closet is a good place to start.  No matter the size of your clothing closets, if you’d like it to look more like this picture, we have tips to help you be organized and maximize the space. 

Group Items into Categories:

Hang skirts and pants on one end of your closet and group dress shirts, cardigan sweaters, sleeveless tops and blazers/jackets on the other end.  This will help you locate items quickly when […]