sweaters | Classic Cleaners - Part 7

How to Wash Corduroy So It Lasts

Corduroy is such a flexible, cool weather material.  Paired with a T shirt it’s a great transition piece and layered with a sweater it will keep you warm without the bulk.

The key to corduroy looking like new after each wear is to give it special attention and properly launder it.

If it’s a blazer, it should be left to a professional to clean.

Corduroy pants can be washed at home if you turn them inside out to protect the textured side (nap) from matting down.  Corduroy’s nap and material, 100% cotton, attracts lint.  It’s VERY […]

No More Wire Hangers! How to Select the Right Clothing Hanger

You’ve spent years and many dollars investing in your wardrobe.  Quality hangers will keep your garment wrinkle free and will help extend the life of your clothing.  The number one rule – No Wire Hangers!

As soon as you receive your clean clothing from us, take off the plastic bag and remove the wire hanger (you can recycle that back to us with this free caddy) to avoid the hanger marks.  Then, place your clothing on one of these type of hangers:

Lightweight wooden hangers are preferred for dress shirts.

Contoured wooden hangers with a non […]

How to Organize Your Closet for Spring & Summer

Do you get anxiety when you step or look inside  your closet?  Is it such a disaster that you find yourself wearing the same things over and over because they are easiest to access?  If your closet were a boutique or department store, would you enjoy shopping there?

No matter how big or small your closet is, it’s extremely rewarding when it’s organized.  Pick a rainy afternoon – we’ve been having a few of those lately – and dig in.  First, review our purging tips in this blog then get started.  Soon you’ll enjoy “shopping” in your closet […]

Earth Day: 5 EASY Ways to be Greener and SAVE Money!

On April 22nd communities all over the world become a little more environmentally conscientious in recognition of Earth Day.  Locally, we’ve noticed more and more of our customers in Indianapolis and the surrounding cities are trying to live a healthier life and be gentler on the environment on a daily basis.

For those focused on buying local and recycling, our city continues to expand & increase our access to conveniently located recycling centers, consignment stores, organic grocery stores, and farmers markets, including the winter’s farmers market.

Here are 5 EASY ways you can go greener, help our planet […]