sweaters | Classic Cleaners - Part 6

20 Tips to Care For Winter Fabrics: Cashmere, Down, Velvet and Wool

With our chilly winters, it’s difficult to dress warmly without incorporating wool, cashmere, and down fabrics into your wardrobe.  Quality, timeless items made from these fabrics often require a monetary investment when purchased and then, to prolong the life of these items, an investment in properly caring for them.

Here’s our tips to maintaining your cashmere, down, wool and other winter fabrics so they remain in like new condition.

Once your cashmere is dry-cleaned, remove the protective plastic immediately.  Fold and wrap cashmere items in tissue paper and place in cedar-scented bags instead.
Moths love […]

Stop, Drop and Relax

A Dry Cleaner’s services aren’t limited to items that state  “Dry Clean Only”.  Classic Cleaners, specifically, provides much more to make my life easier.  As a working mom, wife, volunteer, socialize-r, and enjoy-er of doing fun things that don’t include cleaning, I rely on Classic Cleaners to help me free up time.

I just have to stop, drop, and relax and let Classic Cleaners take care of whatever I don’t want to clean, don’t have the time to clean, or can’t clean.

Here are some examples:

Laundry.  Yes, every day […]

Wear Wool if You Don’t Want to be Stinky

Did you know wool is considered a luxury fiber?  Some “wool” garments are made with synthetic substitutions, and they are still great products, but most wool garments are not “cheap”.  It’s an investment piece and therefore should be treated with care when cleaning and storing.

Why is wool so luxurious?  There are a number of reasons.

It’s durable:  Wool fiber can withstand being bent 20,000 times without breaking.  (Cotton breaks after 3,000 bends and silk after 2,000.  Rayon can only be bent 75 times without breaking).  The fibers stretch rather than break and […]

2014 Winter Fashion Trends for Women

It’s a new year and a great time to update your wardrobe by implementing some of 2014’s fashion trends.  You don’t have to break the bank to plug in some of what you’ve seen on the runways.  Add a few of these 2014 winter trends to refresh your wardrobe this year:

Brocade:  Feminine and worldly, brocade has a “rich” look about it.  Try adding a brocade clutch to your wardrobe to add some texture and interest.

Pairing Black & Gold:  Warm Gold paired with cool black creates a modern and glamorous look.  Think of a classic […]