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What to Wear on The Golf Course: Do’s and DON’Ts

Most golf clubs have required golf attire for men and women on the course and in the clubhouse and you may be able to view their specific dress code on their website.  If not, use our list as a resource.  Some of the Do’s and Don’ts may seem obvious but we’ve seen some questionable attire in our days on the course so we wanted to cover it ALL.

Wear collared or polo-style shirts made of cotton, microfiber or polyester blends and tuck them into your bottoms. Same is true as a spectator or while […]

*Edited Re-post from 2/21/2012

Although we wouldn’t have a viable business if not for the thousands of items you allow us to clean each day, we want to help you maintain the quality and integrity of your clothing when you choose to wash at home too!  We also want to encourage you to help our environment by reducing your water and energy consumption.

A good rule of thumb when determining how “dirty” the clothing is after wearing is divide clothes into two categories:   Items that have direct contact with skin and items that don […]

Spring Cleaning for Energy Savings

Who’s ready to spring clean?  Well, I don’t know if anyone is “ready” but it’s an annual ritual practiced by millions of homeowners this time of year.  While cleaning, incorporate these tactics to help you save energy. reduce your impact on the environment, and make your home more energy efficient.

Now is also a good time to clean your outerwear, sweaters, and other seasonal clothing before you pack them up for the season.  Dry cleaning these items will maintain their like-new appearance so they are ready to wear after the summer season.

Call us today at […]

Renew In The New Year – The Top 5 Items In Your Closet to Renew

Top 5 items to have cleaned and renewed to look your best in the New Year*
*Check out our guest entry in KIT Magazines’ January/February Issue – page 38!
Renew your sweater with a professional clean.  Dry cleaning is gentler then laundering in a machine at home, especially for investment pieces made of cashmere and wool.  Easily renew your sweaters at home by de-pilling them.  Pilling is caused by the sweater rubbing together at your side, under arms, on elbows and chest during wear.  Remove them often with a handheld de-pilling device you can purchase […]