sweaters | Classic Cleaners - Part 3

Tips on How to Clean Out Your Closet and Purge

After months of shopping and obtaining “stuff” for myself and others this past Holiday Season, I’m now focused on purging.  The pace has slowed a little as we break between winter and spring sports and it gives me time to dig into our closets to assess what is no longer being worn.  It’s a GREAT feeling to purge – I highly recommend it.

Here’s how I decide what items to purge when cleaning out my closet:

1.    If I didn’t wear something last Spring, I’m probably not going […]

NEW 24/7 Dry Cleaning Kiosks Offer 24/7 Convenience to Classic Cleaners Customers

In addition to 24/7 drop off at 15 of our locations and our 24/7 Locker pick up at 14 of our locations, we have 24/7 Kiosk Pick Up at 3 of our locations;  Carmel at 1438 W. Main Street ,our downtown location Lockerbie Marketplace at 350 E. New York Street , and a Fishers location at 116th and Olio Rd

Patrons of these three locations can utilize our kiosks for around the clock access to their cleaned items at a time convenient to them.  Think of it like an ATM that distributes your cleaned garments 24 hours a […]

Indy’s Best Dry Cleaner Explains How to Prevent Insect Damage to Your Clothes

I recently noticed a teeny tiny hole in one of my cashmere sweaters when rotating it back into my closet after storing it during the summer.  My thought was, “that wasn’t there before I dry cleaned and stored it last spring”.  Did I clean it first?  Did I store it properly?

Although I don’t want to think about it, most likely this hole is a result of an insect, and the damage could have happened after cleaning, if I didn’t store it properly.  No one wants to think about the creepy crawly […]

Back to School – Low Stress Laundry & Clothing Care

On school days, we know what the morning rush of getting kids dressed and out the door is like for busy parents.  Occasionally we find out that something a child wants to wear needs laundered or repaired and we’re scrambling to put together a plan B outfit.

You may have the back to school wardrobe shopping done but if you are still weeding out closets and shopping for the change of season (like me), here’s how you can prepare now so it’s a little less stressful in the early morning hours.


Have older children […]