Free Delivery

Twice a week, we visit homes and offices all around the Indianapolis area to pick up and deliver items for our customers. With this free service, we provide you with large garment bags for pickup and return your crisp, clean garments neatly bagged and your family wash laundry in recyclable boxes.

Whether you have one garment to clean or many bags, we are happy to stop by. In fact, there is no obligation to have anything for us to pick up each time we visit.

Hear one of our customers explain how this service has helped him save time!

Please call 317-577-5752 or email for more information or click the sign up link.


Sign up for FREE Home or Office Pick up & Delivery

Our delivery area is bounded by Fortville on the east; Avon, Brownsburg & Pittsboro on the west; Whitestown, Zionsville & Cicero on the north; and Greenwood/Center Grove on the south.

In general, if you live east of Keystone Avenue, your delivery days will be Mondays and Thursdays. If you live west of Keystone Avenue, your delivery days will be Tuesdays and Fridays. If you live downtown, your delivery days will be Mondays and Thursdays.


Using the Classic Cleaners Pickup & Delivery service, is like having your own first class, dependable, reliable, incredible valet. Our family has tried to reduce our carbon footprint. We think letting Classic Cleaners group the pickup and delivery of dry cleaning is a more responsible use of resources. We cannot believe this service is free!
– Lisa Elliott Pruitt, Indianapolis

My staff and I are often at work for over 12 hours a day, so not having to make an extra trip to the dry cleaner is a great convenience. The service of Classic Cleaners and our driver, Peter, give us no reason to visit other competitors.
– David Miller, Smile Design Institute, Indianapolis

Back in 2005, when we got started with Classic Cleaners, we had a toddler and an newborn, so I had my hand full. We are at a different stage in our lives, but things aren’t that less hectic. I am in such a habit of putting my clothes out on Fridays and having them returned on Tuesdays. It is great! Even on snowy, icy winter days, I know I can rely on Tom, our route guy, to show up on time, often with a treat for the dog.
– Amy Kavicky, Carmel