Down Pillow Rejuvenation

Few things in life are as comfortable as a fresh, new down pillow. Over time, however, down- and feather-filled pillows become flat and lose their bounce; their filling disintegrates, leaving dust. In most cases of down pillow allergies, the reaction is to the dust, not the filling itself.

Our special process completely rejuvenates your down pillows. First, after discarding the old ticking, we place the pillow filling in a special tumbler with rotating brushes. Germicidal ozone and light kill bacteria while sanitizing and deodorizing the filling. Meanwhile, the brushes break up clumps, fluff the down and feathers, and sift out the dust that has been trapped in the pillow.

Next, to return the pillow to its original volume, we add new feathers and down as needed that match the original filling. Finally, we place the filling into a beautiful, new, 100 percent cotton, feather- and down-proof ticking. The result is a pillow returned to its original level of comfort and fluffiness.

Cleaning tip. To maintain comfort and prevent allergies, we recommend rejuvenating your pillows once a year.