Bed Linens & Comforters

The crisp, clean bed linens you enjoy in luxury hotels can be imitated in your own home to enjoy every day of the week.

Bed linens

Sheets and pillowcases. Not only do we launder your sheets using the most advanced process available, we dry and press them in a single stage, using a large, professional sheet press that most dry cleaners simply don’t have.

Cleaning tip. To enjoy that crisp, clean feeling at its best, we recommend changing the sheets and pillow cases once a week. Since sheets require from two to three days to launder, press and return to you, we also recommend using two sets of sheets and pillow cases — one to use and one to have on hand for a change. Our free home delivery makes it easy to keep your bed linens perfectly fresh at all times.

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Bedding. Our expertise extends to quilts, bedspreads, duvet covers and every other type of bed covering. Even when these items do not come in direct contact with the skin, we recommend cleaning them once a season to eliminate the dust and dirt that inevitably accumulate in them. Frequent cleaning helps extend your bedding’s useful life and keeps your bedrooms looking beautiful.

Cleaning tip. We recommend cleaning matching bedding and window treatments at the same time, each time, so that they fade at the same rate. Most fading occurs due to the properties of the items, not the cleaning process itself.