Make your drapes pop, your bedding seduce and your table linens charm. Rejuvenate your fine household fabrics with Classic Cleaners.

Table Linens

Plain Linens $.50 per sqft
Napkins $4.00
Placemats $5.25

Bed Linens

Not only do we launder your sheets using the most advanced process available, we dry and press them in a single stage, using a large, professional sheet press that most dry cleaners simply don’t have. Our expertise extends to quilts, bedspreads, duvet covers and every other type of bed covering. Even when these items do not come in direct contact with the skin, we recommend cleaning them once a season to eliminate the dust and dirt that inevitably accumulate in them. Frequent cleaning helps extend your bedding’s useful life and keeps your bedrooms looking beautiful.


Twin $24.75
Double $29.75
Queen $35.25
King $42.50

DOWN / FEATHER PILLOWS – Starting Prices

Standard $18.20
King $22.70

Area Rugs

Our state of the art cleaning facility treats both new rugs and antique rugs gently.   We take a different approach to cleaning than most rug services; an approach that can get as much as 15 pounds of dirt out of larger rugs!

Our rug cleaning process is perfect for removal of pet odors caused by urine. We soak the rug in order to breakdown the urine salts that cause the odor. We then immerse the rug to remove all the contaminants in the rug, the backing of the rug and the flooring material below.

After cleaning, your rug goes through a thorough examination to sure that it is perfectly clean and in tip top shape before it returns to you seven to ten days after we pick it up.

Area Rugs $2.50-$7.75 sqft

Window Treatments

We meticulously clean and dry curtains and draperies of every type: casual and formal, exotic and sheer, lined and unlined. Swags and jabots are our specialty. After applying our expertise in dry cleaning, laundering and stain removal, we carefully place your window treatments on special equipment that gently dries them and refreshes their pleats as needed. Then we prepare and package them for immediate use in your home.

Down Pillow Rejuvenation

Few things in life are as comfortable as a fresh, new down pillow. Over time, however, down- and feather-filled pillows become flat and lose their bounce; their filling disintegrates, leaving dust. In most cases of down pillow allergies, the reaction is to the dust, not the filling itself.

Our special process completely rejuvenates your down pillows. First, after discarding the old ticking, we place the pillow filling in a special tumbler with rotating brushes. Germicidal ozone and light kill bacteria while sanitizing and deodorizing the filling. Meanwhile, the brushes break up clumps, fluff the down and feathers, and sift out the dust that has been trapped in the pillow.

Next, to return the pillow to its original volume, we add new feathers and down as needed that match the original filling. Finally, we place the filling into a beautiful, new, 100 percent cotton, feather- and down-proof ticking. The result is a pillow returned to its original level of comfort and fluffiness.