$5 for $5

American Express® and Foursquare® have partnered together to offer you a one time $5 statement credit on your American Express® account when you check in at a Classic Cleaners and spend $5 or more.

No Coupons or Codes are needed.  If you are an American Express® Cardmember, simply share your location by checking into Classic Cleaners and spend $5 or more and American Express® will credit your account $5.

“American Express® Cardmembers can view the $5 for $5 deal in the Specials section of the Explore tab within the foursquare app.  The offer will be visible only to Cardmembers who have not synced their American Express® Card to their foursquare account – they will be prompted to sync their card, check in, and load the offer.

Once the offer is loaded, the Cardmember should pay for their purchase with their synced American Express® Card, and American Express® will process their statement credit”.

**Valid Foursquare promotion dates include 3/19/2012 – 4/7/2012.