Pricing - (Abbreviated) - Click Here

This price list is a guide to our starting price points for cleaning.

Please note that items that require more manual labor in terms of stain removal, hand cleaning, and hand pressing could incur additional costs. Household items that are larger then normal may also incur an additional cost for cleaning.

We suggest you ask the customer service representative when you drop off your items (or your delivery driver when he/she picks up your items) for an accurate quote if items have excessive stains, require hand washing, or have additional adornments such as lace, beads, leather, sequins, etc.

You are always welcome to email us at for clarification on pricing and/or to inquire about an item you do not see on our abbreviated price list..

Facebook ONLY specials

Like us on Facebook and look for Facebook ONLY specials from Classic Cleaners in your news feed on Thursdays.

Each Facebook only special will be honored until the following Monday. Simply tell the CSR at the time of drop off, “I saw this special on Facebook” to receive the savings*.

If you are a route customers, leave a note for your driver in your bag or contact your driver directly. If you do not know your driver’s contact information, contact us and we will be happy to provide the information to you.

If your free pick up and delivery dates are Monday and Thursday, you may utilize Thursday’s Facebook special on the following Monday.

*Sorry, we can not back date the Facebook special and apply the savings to previous week’s drop offs or to previous route pick ups.