Closet Organization - 10 Easy Steps

Closet Organization – 10 Easy Steps

Closet organization is one of our favorite topics.  Having an organized closet not only makes your life easier when trying to get yourself together in a hurry, but storing items well helps extend the life of your wardrobe.  Here are some easy closet solutions we found on Pinterest.

1. Use bathroom hardware or a coat rack to organize and display jewelry.

coat rack jewelry

2. Turn hangers backward to find out what you really wear.

Hangers backwards

3. Edit your closet’s contents at least once per year using this guide.

4. Try these new storage bins with clear drop-down sides.

clear storage

5. Invest in a few key organizers to help with specific items, such as shoes.

shoe organization

6. Group clothing by type of clothing and by common colors.

color coded

7. Make some DIY boot stuffers to keep tall boots neatly in place.

wine bottle boot

8. Consider a dual-purpose storage ottoman/step stool in your walk-in closet.

storage ottoman

9. Try dividers to keep items stacked on the shelves neatly organized.

shelf dividers

10. Create an accessory station with a peg board and some hooks.

peg board jewelry

For more organization ideas, follow our board, An Organized Closet.  What creative ideas have you used to keep your closet neat, tidy and organized?  Please share – we’d love to PIN them to our board.

– S.O.