Wedding Gown Services

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

It’s been over a decade since I married my Husband but I remember it adding up to much more than I thought it would once all was said and done.  It’s was a good thing we gave ourselves a year to plan so we could divvy […]

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How We Make Your Wedding Gown Last a Lifetime

As a bride to be or a new bride, your wedding gown may be one of your most precious possessions.  It is a symbol of an important event in your life and it should be treated with care.

Our staff is expertly trained to clean and preserve your […]

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What is Bridal Gown Preservation?

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks, maybe months looking for the perfect dress for your wedding day.  Once found, now all of your energy & efforts might be focused on the ceremony specifics and celebration details of the big day.  You probably haven’t thought yet about what […]

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Did You Get Engaged Over the Holidays? Here’s the Top Things You Need to do First.

Congratulations!  You’re engaged.  Now what?!

Expect that elders are going to want to voice their opinions and you’ll receive unsolicited advice from friends, peers, and co-workers.  Try to have the mindset early on to have calm communication with those that may influence the wedding […]

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