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What to Wear on the Golf Course

More than most recreational activities, the way you dress while golfing is important. Of course you need to be able to move — you won’t have much fun if you can’t swing your club — but it’s also important to look the part. So what’s the […]

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Winter Weather Wear: What is Acrylic?

If you shopped for sweaters or other knit garments lately, you have  probably noticed that many of them contain a fiber called acrylic. Before  purchasing garments containing this  fiber, it is important that you are aware of  the problems you may run into and how to care for […]

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Tips on How to Clean Out Your Closet and Purge

After months of shopping and obtaining “stuff” for myself and others this past Holiday Season, I’m now focused on purging.  The pace has slowed a little as we break between winter and spring sports and it gives me time to dig into our closets to assess what […]

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Why Are the Colors Fading in Your Clothing?

There used to be a belief that dry cleaning your clothing would cause the colors to fade.  That’s NOT the case, especially with our Odor Free, Non Toxic, Dermatologically Harmless cleaning fluid.

If you are laundering at home (or simply via “wear and tear), there […]

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