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Seasonal Tips & Facts

7 Natural, Chemical Free Ways To Kill Weeds

June 8, 2015

Warm weather and sunshine helps our flowers and trees blossom but it also coaxes weeds to pop up in our garden beds and from the tiniest cracks in the sidewalk.  You can kill those pesky weeds without spending a lot of money and without using harmful chemicals on […]

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Common Sense Rules for Summertime Storage

Now that winter is over, it’s time to store away all those winter clothes until next season. Follow these simple rules to keep your winter fashions looking good season after season.


Wash and dry clean everything before storage. Some stains that are now invisible may darken […]

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Spring Break Sun Protection with Clothing

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!  If you were like most of us, you found a way to get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine.  Spring is near and, especially if you are going somewhere warmer for spring break, soon you will be spending more time in […]

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20 Tips to Care For Winter Fabrics: Cashmere, Down, Velvet and Wool

With our chilly winters, it’s difficult to dress warmly without incorporating wool, cashmere, and down fabrics into your wardrobe.  Quality, timeless items made from these fabrics often require a monetary investment when purchased and then, to prolong the life of these items, an investment in properly caring […]

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