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Eco Friendly Cleaning

Awesome, Practical, Wonderfully Scented Uses for Lemons at Home

I was cleaning out some files of my home office and came across an article on uses for lemons I had pulled out of a magazine years ago.  WOW!  Lemons are a “super fruit” in so many ways. As an acid and a natural disinfectant, it’s completely […]

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Eco Friendly Cleaning Bio-Based with the use of American-grown Corn!

In 2012 Classic Cleaners converted all cleaning machines and cleaning fluid to the Kruessler’s SYSTEM K4 and SOLVONK4.  The cleaning performance of this product made our clothes whiter and brighter with no odor and no irritation.  SOLVONK4 is composed of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and does an […]

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6 Quick Answers to Common Dry Cleaning and Laundry Questions

Although we know our customers are educated about our services, there are still some misconceptions about professional dry cleaning and laundry services.  Here are 6 common questions we hear regarding dry cleaning and laundry and the answers are directly from The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute.*

Q […]

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Spring Cleaning for Energy Savings

April 11, 2017

Who’s ready to spring clean?  Well, I don’t know if anyone is “ready” but it’s an annual ritual practiced by millions of homeowners this time of year.  While cleaning, incorporate these tactics to help you save energy. reduce your impact on the environment, and make […]

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