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Forget Sniff Tests! Here’s How Often You Should Wash Households

Most of the time, household items don’t come with instructions detailing how often you should clean them, and that causes some confusion. After all, what you consider “clean” might be different from what your neighbor or friend thinks is “clean.” But just because something looks clean, it […]

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How to Keep Your Clothes Clean During the Coronavirus Outbreak

✔️ Washing your hands with soap and water regularly

✔️ Avoiding touching your face

✔️ Keeping adequate space between yourself and others

There’s no doubt you’re taking precautions to stay safe and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 […]

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Dirty Area Rug? How to Get the Mud Out!

November 27, 2018

Isn’t the snow pretty?  It is until it melts into a dirty puddle and you track the dirt and debris into your home.

It’s easy for family members (especially guests, children and pets) to track the outdoor ick into your home – via their foot-soles – bringing […]

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Awesome, Practical, Wonderfully Scented Uses for Lemons at Home

I was cleaning out some files of my home office and came across an article on uses for lemons I had pulled out of a magazine years ago.  WOW!  Lemons are a “super fruit” in so many ways. As an acid and a natural disinfectant, it’s completely […]

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