Abbreviated Price List

View our Price List as of February 2020

Please note that items that require more manual labor in terms of stain removal, hand cleaning, and hand pressing could incur additional costs. Household items that are larger then normal may also incur an additional cost for cleaning.

We suggest you ask the customer service representative when you drop off your items (or your delivery driver when he/she picks up your items) for an accurate quote if items have excessive stains, require hand washing, or have additional adornments such as lace, beads, leather, sequins, etc.

You are always welcome to email us at for clarification on pricing and/or to inquire about an item you do not see on our abbreviated price list.

How Do We Determine Our Prices?

Our pricing to clean each item is determined by the quality, convenience and care our customers expect and deserve.  We charge a fair price in relation to our cleaning standards.  In order to receive more value, we invite you to visit us on our in-store special days when we are priced below our closest competition; take advantage of our Facebook Only Specials twice a month; and sign up for our email newsletters in which we email a special coupon offer 16 times a year.