Get to know Kelsey Huff, Classic Cleaners Store Manager in Indianapolis, IN

KelseyWhen Kelsey Huff walked into our NW Indianapolis store almost three years ago to inquire about a job opening, her professionalism and drive was immediately evident.

Having worked in the dry cleaning business behind the scenes with another company, she had knowledge of the industry and desired a customer facing opportunity.  Kelsey currently manages our store at 5650 W. 86th Street, and enjoys the daily interactions with our customers.  She says she enjoys her customer service role because she “makes connections with individuals I normally wouldn’t meet or talk with”.

For example, one weekly customer who is involved with Civil War re-enactments shared with her about an event at Conner Prairie.  Kelsey took one of her three nieces to the event and they had a great time.  She would have never been exposed to this living history exhibit had she not had a genuine interest in what is important to her customers.

Kelsey grew up adjacent to Indianapolis in Brownsburg, Indiana with two older brothers.  There, through a variety of activities, she developed many traits that contribute to her being a valuable Classic Cleaners employee.  For most of her school days  – about 13 years – until her senior year of high school, she was involved in Girl Scouts.  She played 10 years of club soccer, was on the swim team 3 years and danced 10 years.  She accomplished all this and was able to graduate High School from Harris Academy a semester early.

Living in Speedway now to be closer to all Indianapolis has to offer, Kelsey is still close with many of her childhood Brownsburg friends.  She loves to read, attend music festivals, boat on Raccoon Lake and Lake Monroe, and travel – specifically to Jamaica where she’s traveled many times.  Kelsey has fallen in love with the music, culture and ambiance of Jamaica and would one day love to live there.

Check out her answers to some of the random questions we asked her:

What is your favorite kind of challenge on the job?  
You never know what someone is going through that day so I approach every customer with an attitude willing to help no matter what. Its challenging sometimes but always pays off.  I’ve become very friendly with people I thought would never crack a smile and people I would never associate with on a normal basis and that is why I love customer service.

If you were a toy, what toy would you be?  
If I was a toy I would be a kaleidoscope because I help you see beauty is everywhere.

If you had to spend 100 days on a deserted island, what five things would you take with you and why?
If I had to take 5 things it would be:
–  solar powered flash light so I can see when its dark
–  A machete for killing prey, protection, tool.
–  A book, I don’t know what book I’d have to have days to think of this answer
–  As many matches as I can bring so I can start fires easily and
–  A hula hoop because it would keep me entertained and is therapeutic for me.

Are you a customer of Kelsey’s?  Did you know all this cool stuff about her?  We hope you enjoyed getting to know her.  Thanks, Kelsey, for making your customers feel appreciated each day.

– S.O.