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9 Household Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently interviewed people who clean for a living to share their secrets and shortcuts for doing it as painlessly as possible.  For starters, they say to clean a room from top to bottom, left to right.  That way you won’t miss often […]

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You Can Wear Cashmere in Summer!

Cashmere is my favorite thing to wear in winter.  It’s thin but warm so it doesn’t feel bulky under a coat.  No to mention it’s so so soft.

But cashmere is not just a winter type fabric.  There are featherweight cashmere T-shirts, tank tops […]

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2014 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

Soon it WILL feel like Spring.  We just KNOW it.  And when it does, we’re ready to try some of these wearable trends for Spring and Summer.






Nothing says “It’s Spring” like flowers.  Wear it with limited accessories like […]

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Is Classic Cleaners’ Free Pick Up & Delivery Really FREE?

April 23, 2014

YES!  Our free pick-up and delivery service is totally free.  We don’t upcharge the cost of cleaning or charge for miles traveled.  It’s completely free and it will save you A LOT of time (and money on gas).  It’s simple to use our

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