Classic Cleaners features Supervisor Julieta Martinez

Meet Julieta Martinez, our shirt laundry production supervisor at Classic Cleaner’s main operations plant on Bash Road.  She celebrated her 13th year with Classic Cleaners on May 9th this year.

Get to know her via our recent Q-&-A session.  You’ll find she’s a diverse reader with aspirations to write her own book some day.

Q: If you had to change your full name, what would you call yourself ?
A:  I’m okay with my name but hardly anybody calls me that so if I had to change my name, I would definitely make it shorter from Julietta to Julie.  Everybody already calls me that anyway.

Q: Where were you born?
A:  I was born in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City

Q: What is your favorite kind of challenge on the job?
A:  My favorite kind of challenge is meeting the daily requirements on time and making sure each and every shirt looks its best for our customers.

Q: What is your favorite tool at Classic Cleaners and why?
A:  My favorite tool at Classic Cleaners are the washing machines.  They can wash anywhere between 150 to 180 shirts in one load.  They are about 4 times the size of the one I have at home and I couldn’t imagine Classic Cleaners without them.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Classic Cleaners?
A:  I enjoy motivating myself and my team to work together and complete our tasks effectively and efficiently.  I take pride knowing that by getting each shirt to look its best, it brings out the best in our customers.

Q: What is your favorite type of fabric and why?
A:  Cotton is my favorite type of fabric because it’s easy to treat and press.  Every time we finish a cotton shirt, it always looks brand new.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
A:  I enjoy reading in my spare time.  I read all genres of books and also magazines but only in Spanish because I understand it better since it’s my first language.  The last book I read was the autobiography of Hilary Clinton and right now I’m reading The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain.

Q: If you were a toy, what toy would you be?
A:  If I were a toy I think I would be a bouncy ball.  I would enjoy being thrown into the air and bouncing on the way back down.

Q: If you were asked to speak to a graduating high school class, what would you say?
A:  Congratulations for all your hard work and effort.  You have taken the first step to the start of your lives.  When they asked what you wanted to be – you imagined, dreamed and dared to dream big.  Dare to be different.  Dare to be the first to start a new trend.  Take hold of your dreams, seize them, and make them a reality.

Q: If you had a time machine and could be transported to any time, the past or the future, what time and place would you choose and why?
A:  I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  If I had a time machine, I would travel into the pioneering days when times were much simpler.  Tames free of pesticides and all of the different types of pollutions that exit nowadays.  If I had a time machine, I would travel to a time where people lived more with nature like in Little House on the Prairie.

Q: If you had to spend 100 days on a deserted island, what five things would you take with you and why?
1.  Bottled water since we can’t live without water and salty water causes severe dehydration.
2.  Canned food so it may last 100 days and not spoil.
3.  Books to enjoy the time away.
4.  A tent to take shelter from the rain, wind and sun.  It would also help trap my body heat at night when I sleep to keep me warm.
5.  A journal with a pen to write the book I have always wanted to write.

Thank you, Julieta for answering our questions and helping our Customers get to know you better.  Who knew you could launder 180 shirts at one time?!  Imagine how quickly we all could do our laundry with one of those huge washing machines!!  You and your team do a wonderful job on our Customer’s shirts each day.

– S.O.