How to pick the warmest winter coat

With the cold weather fast approaching it’s time to get those coats and jackets out of storage and back into the closet. From Oct. 16 through Nov. 5 at Classic Cleaners, you will receive $3 off each piece of outerwear. Some of you may not be as prepared as you would like for the upcoming frigid temps.  Did you purchase that oh-so-cute jacket that looked great but upon stepping outside you discovered you were freezing? If so, here are some fabric tips for finding your next coat or jacket.

  • Wool: A great material for winter because it will keep you warm, even when wet! Some people find wool to be scratchier, so be sure to check out whether you like the fabric before making a purchase.
  • Fleece: A very popular fabric that rivals wool. The benefit of fleece is the softness compared to most fabrics. However, fleece does not typically stay warm once wet. Choosing a jacket with an inner lining of fleece for comfort is often a smart choice. Did you know fleece can be manufactured from recycled plastic bottles? It’s something to consider if you want an eco-friendly coat.
  • Down: Often considered the warmest material for a coat, it can also be quite big and bulky — a turn-off for some fashionistas.
  • Cotton: While cotton is soft, it is not ideal for warmth. Aren’t most of the t-shirts you wear on hot summer days made from cotton. The fabric breathes, allowing cool air in.
  • Synthetics: They might be cheaper, but natural fabrics handle snow and rain better than synthetics can. One exception is wind protection, when you don’t want the material to breathe at all. Most wind-breakers are made out of synthetic nylon and then lined with a cotton or wool for added warmth.

Don’t overdo it! If you dress for an arctic expedition instead of a trip to the grocery store, you could end up sweating, which will naturally cool your body.  Make sure you feel warm in the jacket, not hot.

Remember that size matters. You want to make sure your winter coat is snug enough to keep you warm but not so tight you are uncomfortable. The sleeves should cover the wrists, and the length really depends on the style of coat you want. Consider what you will wear under the coat during the winter season. Shop with a sweater on or whatever you may wear on a cold day. Finally, avoid the temptation of buying a child’s coat a size bigger so they can wear it longer. If it is too big, it won’t keep them warm enough.

Now you know how to pick out your next winter coat. For the ones that you already have from last season, bring them to any Classic Cleaners location from Oct. 16 through Nov. 5 for $3 off dry cleaning!