How to make your home comfortable for house guests

The holiday season is creeping up on us and that often means fluffing pillows and straightening curtains for guests. If you’ve started the fluffing and the straightening, you might have noticed that your home could use a little extra polish. In light of Classic Cleaners’ limited time offer on household cleaning (take 20% off all of your household cleaning needs Sept. 25-Oct. 15), here are some tips for prepping your home for holiday guests.


A thorough window washing — inside and out — can make a huge difference in how the inside and outside of your home looks. A cloudy window can make even the cleanest things in your home look a little dingy. Your draperies can also improve the view. To remove signs of dust, stains and pressing, bring your linens to Classic Cleaners. From lined to swag, casual to formal, Classic Cleaners makes your drapes look as good as your wardrobe.


If you are hosting guests, chances are you are cooking. Be sure the table on which you are serving is as pleasing to the eye as your food is. If your table is treated with a polyurethane finish, consider sanding down worn areas and giving it a fresh coat of poly. It will help repel stains and give it a great shine. Treat your table linens to the spa treatment with a visit to Classic Cleaners. Crisply pressed tablecloths and spotless napkins can go a long way in setting the holiday table.


One key to making up a welcoming bed is regular cleaning. Before tossing anything into your washer or dryer, check the label. This is not an area in which you want to be a rule breaker. Be sure you aren’t crowding your washable bed linens in the washer. You want them to have plenty of room to move around when they’re being agitated. After washing, it’s best to lay out blankets and comforters flat in a dry place or line dry them. If you don’t have a large washer and place to dry your linens effectively, drop all of your bed linens by Classic Cleaners. We can handle it.


When your guest’s head hits the pillow, be sure it’s a fluffy one. To add a little life back to your pillows, give them to the “pillow-rejuvenation spa” treatment at Classic Cleaners. Once the down and feather filling has been thoroughly cleaned, we add new filling to return the pillow to its original volume. The filling is then placed in brand new, dust-free ticking.