Clean your home’s apparel, too

Like most other dry cleaning establishments, you probably think of Classic Cleaners mostly in terms of working with clothing. But that’s not all we do – we can also keep clean your house’s apparel! Classic Cleaners offers specialized services for cleaning of bed linens, rejuvenation of down pillows, cleaning and drying of window treatments like curtains and draperies, and cleaning of table linens.

And for certain Classic Cleaners customers, this service will be even better, as it’s more affordable. We’re now offering 25% off cleaning of household fabrics purchased at Drapery Street, within one year of purchase.

Drapery Street is a textile shop based in downtown Carmel with a unique philosophy. They believe that everyone should have access to high-end fabrics, and that you should be able to have the tools to easily visualize and plan a project for your home. They’ve turned that philosophy into a workshop where the customer can browse affordable but still high-quality fabrics with larger samples than the minimalist 2”x6” pieces provided by most retailers. Drapery Street hopes to be a place where customers can enjoy creating new décor for their homes, rather than making it a torturous chore.

So the next time you’re looking to update the look of a room in your home, think about Drapery Street – and if you do, you’ll have a friend in Classic Cleaners to keep your new household fabrics looking like new.