Business suit care tips in the "Indianapolis Business Journal"

Launder your cotton shirts. Save dry cleaning for suiting.

“I’d trust him with anything in my closet (which is practically the same as saying I’d trust Arnold with my life),” Gabrielle Poshadlo wrote in her style column in this week’s Indianapolis Business Journal. After we lifted some tough stains from Gabrielle’s evening gowns that another cleaner couldn’t get out, she decided to ask our own Steve Arnold about caring for suits. It was a pleasure being on your pages, IBJ! Here are a few excerpts from the full article:

• Most suit shirts are made from cotton, a fiber that won’t hold up to dry cleaning as well as wool. When you take in your whole suit, have the pants and jacket dry cleaned, but ask that your shirt(s) be laundered.

• When you drop your suit off at the cleaners, or when you’re preparing it for wear at home, make sure the lapels are pressed to a soft rolled edge instead of a sharp crease. This prevents gaping as you move around.

• Always unbutton your jacket before you sit down, as keeping the jacket closed while sitting adds stress to the buttons.

• Don’t store your suit in the dry cleaning bag or any other type of garment bag. Many people believe such measures will prevent moth holes; however, if a moth somehow gets trapped in the bag, it’s not being able to escape will result in more holes.

• Make sure to get the pants and jacket cleaned at the same time.

• Have your suit cleaned only if there is something on it, or up to a few times a year. The dry cleaning process degrades the fibers over time, and cleaning only as needed increases the life span of the suit.


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