2 Tips for Back to School


It’s back to school time and we have some tips for getting your guy or gal ready to take on the world.

Growing Like Weeds

Your kids are growing by leaps and bounds. They could have grown an inch just over the summer break. Before you find yourself sending them off to school in ankle-length jeans and ¾-length sleeve sweaters, do a little trying on.

Ask them to slip on a pair of pants, a long-sleeved shirt and, for the girls, a skirt. Once you have one of each of these items that is the right leg length, sleeve length and skirt length, you can run through the rest of their clothing and compare.

Pass along or donate clothes that are either too worn to keep around or are beyond your child’s size. The same goes for school uniforms. If pants or skirts are just a bit too short, bring them into Classic Cleaners to let the hem out. Our alterations experts can help.

Good Night’s Sleep

Be sure your little one is getting enough sleep. If your kids have been staying up later during the summer months, ease them back into a pattern of going to bed early. Research shows that healthy minds need sleep for improved recall of what you’ve learned, concentration and attention, and problem solving and idea creation.

Our bodies need plenty to sleep so that our muscles, bones, and skin can grow and repair themselves properly. Sleep also helps us fight sickness, which is especially rampant when so many kids are together sharing germs.

Besides encouraging a habit of going to bed early, you can make your child’s bedroom extra comfortable. At Classic Cleaners, we can help with our down pillow rejuvenation and bed linen services.