Restoring bridal beauty

Your wedding was 20 years ago, and your dress has been in a vacuum bag in your closet ever since. One day you decide to get it out, just to remember the big day – but the moment’s ruined. When you take the dress out of its bag, you discover it’s turned yellow. The dress is ruined. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be.

Classic Cleaners offers a full restoration service for wedding gowns using the same methods implemented in our MuseumCare™ preservation process to make your dress look as good as new again — no matter the extent of the damage or age of the dress. Our experts will gently hand-clean the dress, removing old stains and the ravages of time. Some physical damage to the fabric — including lace and beads — can be repaired as well.

After it’s cleaned, the dress can be pressed and prepared for immediate use, whether it’s to be displayed or worn, or if you prefer, it can be preserved in an archival-quality preservation box for future use. The goal, no matter what, is to get your wedding dress looking like it did on the day it was first worn.

Come to Classic Cleaners today and get a free consultation. Your wedding dress is one of the most important garments you will ever own — and we can help you make sure it stays the way you remember it!