In case of a wedding gown emergency

To kick-off the wedding season, we’re continuing our four-part series on wedding dress care. Last week, part one of the series offered a few tips and resources for maintaining gowns before the wedding (like pressing out wrinkles and packing dresses for destination weddings).

As we all know, unfortunate accidents sometimes occur before the celebration, leaving beautiful wedding gowns victim of red wine spills and other nightmares. Properly prepared brides-to-be, however, can keep accidents from turning into catastrophes.

If at all possible, any pre-ceremony cleaning should be left only to a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. But in extreme circumstances, like a wedding day spill, brides-to-be must take dress cleaning into their own hands. Luckily, we’ve got some tips for how to stay calm in the event of a wedding gown emergency.

Avoid pinches. Be prepared for mishaps by having safety pins on hand the day of the wedding. One shaky step by a nervous bride-to-be and a perfectly fitted dress could become ripped or torn and ill-fitting.

Know your dress. Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive piece of clothing that you’ll ever own, and, appropriately, it will be photographed and talked about more than any other garment in your wardrobe. You should get to know your dress intimately before the big day. Know the fabric and the fiber content – spots and stains are much more difficult to remove from natural fabrics like silk.

Remain calm and cool. When spills occur right before the wedding and there’s no time left for professional care, brides-to-be can try on-the-go remedies. Gently dab a stain with cool water and let the dress air dry. Club soda will also work. But beware: some fabrics are ultra-sensitive and may get permanent water spots. If water doesn’t do the trick, you might even try camouflaging the stain with something white – like baking soda or baby powder.

Although it may be easier said than done, just remember that wedding guests are there to celebrate the special day – not to notice minor blemishes in your dress. If a spill occurs, bring the gown to Classic Cleaners as soon as possible to prevent permanently set-in stains. After the wedding, our bridal specialists will preserve your gown so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

For these tips and more on wedding gown care, visit and the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists website. Planning a destination wedding? Bring the gown to Classic Cleaners for professional packing! Want to wear grandma’s old wedding dress? Bring it to us for restoration! Stop in or give us a call with any questions about any of our services.