Ruffling feathers, one pillow at a time

Flat, lifeless pillows do little for a good night’s sleep. When your pillow’s feathers are in need of a good ruffle, bring them to Classic Cleaners for rejuvenation.

Over time, down- and- feather- filled pillows become a little less soft and fluffy and a little more flat and lifeless. Dust and potentially harmful bacteria sneaks in and settles comfortably within the filling, making once-dreamy pillows an unfortunate nightmare.

But even the flattest, dustiest, most bacteria-saturated pillows are given new life with our down pillow rejuvenation process. We begin the spa-like treatment by gently removing and discarding existing ticking, separating the filling from the fabric. Next, special rotating tumblers with soft brushes sift out dust and dirt, break up clumps, and fluff feathers. Bacteria-killing lights and germicidal ozone sanitize, deodorize, and refresh the down and feathers. Finally, brand new, clean, crisp, and 100 percent cotton ticking is filled with new feathers and down that supplement the freshly cleaned filling, restoring the pillow to its original volume.

A good night’s sleep with clean and freshly fluffed pillows will leave you feeling well-refreshed and reinvigorated. Instead of simply replacing exhausted pillows, bring them to Classic Cleaners for down pillow rejuvenation and an unmatched spa-like treatment. Learn a little more about the service here.