Who uses lockers at Classic Cleaners?

June 7, 2011

Most of our 21 Indianapolis-area stores provide a convenience-adding, fee-free locker system that gives customers the ability to drop off and pick up orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service is super secure and is available even when our stores aren’t staffed, so it’s no surprise that so many customers love our lockers.

Here’s an idea of some customers who find the lockers to be quite valuable:

Tireless professionals. These customers typically arrive at work early and leave late. Their free time is virtually non-existent and there’s little chance they’re near a store during normal hours of operation. Exhausted, they stop by their designated, PIN-secured locker at all hours of the night for fresh clothes.

Vampires. Luckily, cloaks in need of a cleaning can be dropped off and retrieved under the shelter of darkness. These customers typically prefer to do business at night, when there are fewer obstacles and discretion is a requirement.

Travelers. Whether traveling for business or leisure, these customers are always on-the-go. On the way to or from the airport, orders in need of clean can be dropped off and freshly cleaned orders can be picked up – all at the customers’ convenience.

Second shift-ers. Working through the night and sleeping through the day sometimes makes it difficult to run errands and complete chores. But unusual work schedules shouldn’t prevent you from being dressed to impress.

Click here to learn a little more about our locker service and to find the store nearest to you.