A brighter future with a better cleaning solvent

At Classic Cleaners, we’re proud to now be using a new, more environmentally friendly cleaning solvent known as SYSTEMK4. Using the new solvent allows us to reduce unnecessarily harmful impacts on humans, air, water and soil without lessening the high quality that our customers have come to expect.

We’re committed to discovering and implementing more eco-conscious practices that help us to reduce our impact on the environment. Classic Cleaners believes that by working together and making small adjustments that help the environment, we can create a greener, brighter future. SYSTEMK4 helps us to accomplish that mission.

Renowned for its impressive cleaning capabilities, perchlorethylene is a chemical commonly associated with the dry cleaning industry. Unfortunately, if handled improperly, “perc” can contaminate soil and be hazardous to the environment. Using SYSTEMK4, however, virtually eliminates these potential risks, while still producing the high quality results associated with “perc.”

Kreussler, the company that makes SYSTEMK4, is a member of the Green Business Bureau and is actively working to improve the dry cleaning process worldwide by creating solutions with unmatched quality and low environmental impact. By adopting the SYSTEMK4 technology, Classic Cleaners joins other dry cleaning companies worldwide that are committed to a more sustainable future – for the industry and for everyone.