We're hands on with every step

Whether you bring your textiles to one of our stores or we pick them up from your home or office, it’s easy to get shirts, pants, suits, drapes and almost any other textile professionally cleaned at Classic Cleaners. After arriving at our plant, orders are processed, cleaned and inspected before being returned to the customer.

The process involved in getting your textiles clean is actually quite complex. Before the cleaning process begins, every incoming item is hand inspected for loose items such as pens, receipts and other things frequently found in clothing. Once pockets are danger-free, everything is scanned using an advanced barcode system before being separated into appropriate categories. Items for laundry, such as shirts, are separated from items for dry cleaning, such as pants.

The laundry process includes a visit to steam room-like chambers that release wrinkles, leaving shirts ready-to-wear and ready-to-impress. Pants, and other items that are dry cleaned, require a hand touch and a bit more time. From suits to drapes, our expert cleaning professionals restore items to like-new condition, removing wrinkles and making other repairs that increase lifespan.

The laundry and dry cleaning process begins and ends with a hand touch and individual attention. We carefully follow the instructions on fabric care labels to ensure that manufacturers’ recommendations are met. Every item that enters our plant receives this meticulous care and attention to detail, and we attempt to exceed customers expectations – whether it’s reattaching loose buttons or spot treating difficult stains, Classic Cleaners knows how get textiles clean.

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