Classic Cleaners makes it easy to be clean and green

At Classic Cleaners, our mission is to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. With an eye on the future, we’re keeping the environment in mind with policies and practices that are eco-conscious. We are proud to meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards of environmentally friendly practices at all times.

Classic Cleaners has a long history of being committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. In fact, we were the first dry cleaning company in the Indianapolis area to become a Certified Environmental Drycleaner by the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute. Since receiving this certification, we have remained focused on creating and implementing policies that take the impact on the environment into consideration.

To be a little more green-friendly, we reuse metal hangers whenever possible. In some circumstances, hangers can’t be reused. Even then, these unusable wire hangers are recycled instead of trashed. In our stores, customers will find convenient hanger caddies that can be filled with unwanted metal hangers and returned to any of our stores for reuse or recycling.

Like metal hangers, the clear plastic garment bags used to protect your clothing can be recycled. According to Keep America Beautiful, Americans generate 250 million tons of garbage per year. Instead of adding trash to overflowing landfills, customers are encouraged to lessen their impact by bringing used garment bags to any of our 17 neighborhood stores for recycling.

We constantly evaluate our environmentally conscious practices and are always looking for ways to be a little greener. By making small adjustments to routines, customers can help us take steps toward a brighter, cleaner future. Just by having Classic Cleaners pickup and deliver your dry cleaning and laundry, for example, you can reduce unnecessary car trips that are unhealthy for the planet. It’s easy to be green.