Bring springtime indoors by freshening your entire household

Spring is here and now is the time to rid your home of winter’s stuffiness with a dose of spring cleaning and Classic Cleaners. We professionally clean household items with the same meticulous care that we give to your wardrobe. Here are a few ways we can help freshen up your home.

  • Curtains go from dusty to dustless. You may have the cleanest home on the block, but even in your tidy home, the draperies have probably collected a significant amount of dust. From lined to swag, casual to formal, Classic Cleaners makes your drapes look as good as your wardrobe.
  • Don’t let spills ruin your party (or your linens). Entertaining doesn’t have to be refreshment-free to prevent ruining your favorite tablecloth, placemats and napkins. Feel safe planning a fun, food-filled party, knowing that Classic Cleaners guarantees the removal of 100% of fresh stains on your table linens.
  • Give bedding a spring break. When you come out of hibernation, bring your sheets, pillowcases, comforters and duvets to Classic Cleaners. To ensure that every night feels like a vacation, we recommend having items like sheets and pillowcases cleaned weekly.
  • Give your pillows the spa treatment. Flat, lifeless pillows do little for a good night’s sleep. To add a little life back to your pillows, give them to the “pillow-rejuvenation spa” treatment. Once the down and feather filling has been thoroughly cleaned, we add new filling to return the pillow to its original volume. The filling is then placed in brand new, dust-free ticking.

To give spring a warm welcome, Classic Cleaners is offering 20% from now until May 7. Getting your household items clean for spring is easy! Just call us for pickup or stop by a neighborhood store.