Don't Say It in Ink on Your Clothes!

“Ink is such a tiny word, three letters, but it has played such a huge part on the stage of world history,” muses fellow blogger John Sollars of Since the original use of plant substances to draw on cave walls, inks have been refined and developed over the generations, all in an effort to make them more enduring.

Unfortunately, “enduring” is hardly a quality our Classic Cleaners customers wish to see when it comes to ink stains on clothes!  In fact, as Lovetoknowcleaning remarks wryly, “Ink stains are quite common, but that doesn’t make them a cinch to remove,” adding that “there is a variety of inks on the market and each poses a different challenge to remove.”

At Classic Cleaners, we know.  It seems our stain removal experts face new and different ink-related challenges every working day, with today’s culprits as likely to be printer ink and permanent marker as from fountain, gel, or ball point pens left in pockets.

With more than twenty-five years under our belts offering dry cleaning in Indianapolis, we think the Oregon Dry Cleaners Association hits the mark with its list of four DON’Ts
when it comes to ink stains on clothes:

Don’t store.  Never put away a garment with an ink stain on it.  The warmth of the closet can further set the stain into the fabric.

Don’t iron.  Ironing clothes drives stains deeper.

Don’t rub.  Blot rather than rub.  Rubbing spreads the stain and damages the fabric.

Don’t try.  Don’t attempt home spot removal with water, hairspray, club soda, or cleaning fluid.  You run the risk of damaging or discoloring the fabric.

Ink’s greatest impact has been to spread knowledge in the form of the printed word.  It’s ironic that removing ink is one of the main reasons people seek the help of dry cleaners!

With Classic Cleaners’  help, ink can continue to impact your missives and your memoirs, but never your clothes and household items!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team