Classic Cleaners Has the Inside Scoop on Outer Wear

               Limited Time Offer   March 27 – April 16               
               $3 off all outerwear!

Out-er-wear: n. Garments, as raincoats or overcoats, worn over other clothing for warmth or protection outdoors.

At Classic  Cleaners, ’tis the season.  As temperatures gradually rise and days grow longer, it’s time for cleaning and packing away winter clothes.  And, as Sara Aguirre of warns, “…if we don’t want any nasty surprises next winter, we take the time to clean and store our clothing properly.”That’s precisely the reason Classic Cleaners is making its special limited time offer on outerwear right now, in the time between winter and spring.  Think of all the coats, jackets, down-filled vests, pea coats, and parkas that need to be finding their way to our seventeen locations for their summer hibernation “prep”.

What “nasty surprises” is Aguirre hinting at when she urges readers to take time for cleaning and storing of winter clothes? Stains containing sugars and salts, particles of food embedded in fiber, and insect eggs ready to hatch inside wool garments – all these are enemies, waiting to attack your favorite outerwear clothing.

Remember four words about winter clothing in summer time, says

CLEAN (All winter clothing should be cleaned before storing away for summer.)

COOL  (Avoid storing clothing near heat sources such as furnaces and  fireplaces.)

DARK  (Avoid storing clothing where sunlight can fade the fabric.)

DRY (Wetness can cause mildew and nurture insects.)

For a happy beginning next fall, let Classic Cleaners professionals prepare your
outerwear for a long, clean, cool, dark, dry, and lazy summer…

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team