Gentlemen Can Put On the Ritz at Classic Cleaners

Until the 20th century, a groom would simply wear his “Sunday best” on his wedding day.  But since at Classic Cleaners (we’re members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists), we’re familiar with modern weddings, we know that today, the usual attire of choice for the groom is a tuxedo.

The story of the tuxedo is an interesting one, beginning when President Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House.  Just 40 miles northwest of New York City there was a very exclusive residential colony called Tuxedo Park.  The story goes that at the first annual high society Tuxedo Part Autumn Ball, the son of tobacco magnate Pierre Lourillard was the first to sport a “tail-less” black jacket.  Roosevelt liked the style, and a new trend was born.

Also called a dinner jacket, today’s tuxedo is traditionally black or dark blue, with satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels and on stripes going down the sides of the trousers.  The complete semiformal outfit includes the bowtie, shirt, cummerbund, and sometimes a vest.  For warmer climates (at Classic cleaners we often help couples prepare their wardrobes for travel to destination weddings) a white or ivory dinner jacket may be worn.

Like any man’s suit, a tuxedo can be acquired three ways:

  • Bespoke:  Suit is custom-made from a pattern the tailor creates from your measurements.
  • Made to measure: Suit is tailored from a pre-made pattern and modified to fit you.
  • Ready-to-wear:  Bought from a store and then possibly altered.

Classic Cleaners typically “meets” the groom’s tuxedo either:

  • before the wedding when we do alternations and/or prepare the suit for travel.
  • after the wedding when we clean the tuxedo, mend it where needed, and prepare it for storage.

“Nothing commands attention like a man in a well-fitted suit,” according to B.A. T.  At Classic Cleaners we’d add, “That goes double if that well-fitted suit happens to be a tuxedo!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team