At Classic Cleaners, the Rewards Go to the Fleet!

 “The race is not to the swift,” the Bible tells us.  But when it comes to dry cleaning in and around Indianapolis, the race may be to the fleet! That’s because, twice a week, our Classic Cleaners fleet of vans visits homes and offices all around the Indianapolis area to pick up and deliver items for our customers.

Classic Cleaners fleet

Our newly decorated vans, proudly displaying the Classic Cleaners motto “The Modern Craft of Clean”, travel from Fortville on the east, Pittsboro to the west, Cicero to the north, and 42nd Street in Indianapolis on the south.  It all adds up to thousands of locations, tens of thousands of garments, and twelve different routes.

How does the “fleetness” work?

  • You sign up for the free home or office delivery service.
  • You’re provided with large clothing bags.
  • A Classic Cleaners driver visits twice a week to pick up and deliver. (There is absolutely no obligation to have anything to pick up every time.)
  • If you’re not at home, your clothes can be left on special hanger hooks (which we provide to slip over the top of your door), with Fluff and Fold laundry left in recyclable boxes.  Or, you may choose to give the driver access to hang your clothes in a front closet, mud room, or garage.

Fast, convenient, efficient, and……clean!  As a Classic Cleaners customer, you’ll soon realize: The race may not be to the swift, but the real service IS to the fleet!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team