From Classic Cleaners in McCordsville Comes More Wedding Folklore

The story we shared in our blog about Classic Cleaners Eagle Creek bride who spotted a rainbow on her way to the church inspired one of our clients from the other end of Indianapolis to tell us about a piece of folklore that caused her to change her own wedding plan.

In modern times, we’re finding, people pay less attention to folklore. When it comes to weddings, though, traditions and even superstitions continue to play a part in the planning. Of course, no one really knows for sure whether certain things bring good luck or bad, but, as the website  explains, brides don’t want to take a chance!

One loyal Classic Cleaners customer in McCordsville recalled originally planning to have each of her bridesmaids dress in a different jewel-tone shade, with the groomsmen in bowties to match, and the same colors replicated in her bouquet and in the table decorations. That most original and colorful concept was scrapped when an aunt shared with her that it would bring bad luck if the bridesmaids weren’t all in the same color dresses. Not actually “buying” that story, our customer nonetheless had all her attendants wear the same color.

Early bridesmaids actually wore dresses similar to the bride’s in order to confuse evil spirits who might want to harm the bride or cause mischief. In fact, we learned, that’s why the groomsmen were there as well!

Another wedding custom related to color choices has some tradition behind it as well – the boutonniere. In medieval times, when a lady fancied a particular knight, she’d give him a token – a scarf, flower, or ribbon – to carry into battle.  The knight was said to be “wearing her colors”.

As you can tell, at Classic Cleaners, we’re really into weddings.   As a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we can offer MuseumCare™ preservation of wedding gowns, an advanced process endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants. At Classic Cleaners, we may not be superstitious, but we love to keep wedding traditions alive!

Do you have a favorite wedding-related superstition or tradition?  Please share it with us.  We want all our readers to have good luck!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team