At Classic Cleaners in Carmel, It's UGGs-Cleaning Season

2010 – 2011 winter was certainly UGG season for Classic Cleaners Carmel customers, with many already taking advantage of our new boot-cleaning service, which came about because of the enormous popularity of sheepskin boots. So, whether you own footwear made by designer boot company UGG® or any other brand of tanned sheepskin boots, now that the big snows are behind us (we all fervently hope), it’s time to freshen up those boots.

Both UGGs and UGG look-alikes are made from tanned sheepskin with the fleece attached, and have rubber soles. And, while dry cleaners – in Carmel or elsewhere – don’t typically get involved with shoes of any kind, with the approval of UGG® Australia, Classic Cleaners now extends its “modern craft of clean” to boot-freshening.

Sheepskin boots are a casual type of boot…exceptionally warm and great for cold weather,” advises “However,” the article continues, “they should not be worn in excessively muddy or wet conditions.”

We at Classic Cleaners were rather amused by a question posed by one reader to Yahoo! Answer : How do you get rid of wet sheep small from UGG linings? Yahoo’s answer: make sure the boots are dry.  Our customers are more worried, we found, about how to get rid of foot smell in boots after a long, hard winter of wear!  

For fresh-smelling, fashionable footwear, ready to take you places next winter season, bring your sheepskins in for freshening.  That way, roomies and relatives will have no reason to think “‘Ew, Ugh”, when they really mean “Oh, UGG”!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team