Leaving To-Do Lists in the Bag for Classic Cleaners

“How do I do all that I do?” asks Clean House’s Nieci Nash?  “You know it’s not by myself.”  Classic Cleaners professionals can’t do their great job without help, either, and some of that help needs to come from you, our customer and garment owner.

Classic Cleaners’ 24-hour drop-off is convenient, no doubt.  So is our home pickup and delivery service. Our technicians stand ready to serve, only….you’ve got to leave us “love letters in the bag”!  While we love to watch forensic scientists solve mystery crime, our main goal in clothing care is the same as yours – get rid of stains, loose threads, broken buttons – anything that would keep you from looking your absolute best!

The key to helping us do all we can do – the all-important to-do list you leave in your Classic Cleaners bag. For each garment, we would like to know…

  • Where is the spot (left jacket lapel, near the right front skirt hem…)
  • What do you remember about how that spot came to be?  When?
  • Did you try to get the stain off yourself? How?
  • Are there loose threads or buttons you want fixed?  Where?
  • Is there a lining that pulls and seems out of shape?
  • How much starch would you like in your shirts?
  • Would you like only the collar and cuffs starched or the entire blouse or shirt?

Remember, the more we know, the sooner we can bring the “culprits” to justice and return your garments beautifully finished and ready to wear!  So, please, we love getting “love letters in the bag”!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team