From Eagle Creek to Geist, Diets and Dry Cleaning Follow Chocolate-y Valentine's Day

With the month of February all but over, Classic Cleaners dry cleaning specialists are seeing the usual chocolate-y aftermath of Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate has been around almost as long as man,” says one Facebook commentator, adding that, ever since Mayan times, the cocoa bean was considered to be an aphrodisiac, and that “It should be no surprise that chocolate has become – or rather remained – an edible symbol of love.”

And that’s not just in the U.S., our Classic Cleaners bloggers learned. In Japan, where Valentine’s Day was first introduced in 1936, Japanese chocolate companies make half their annual sales around the February holiday!

Not everyone views chocolate company Valentine’s Day profits in a positive light.  “They’ve got us exactly where they want us”, complains blogger Corine G. of  “Vitamin D deficient, high on expectation but low on cash…already too fat to care yet early enough in the season to know we can start dieting later. All the chocolate industry has to do is package the cocktail of mood enhancers that is called chocolate …in a heart-shaped box.”

Whatever your particular take on the Valentine’s Day/chocolate connection, at Classic Cleaners we know it translates into chocolate stains on clothing and table linens. Howtogetridofstuff offers an important piece of advice:

“The first thing you should always do before trying to remove stains from an article of clothing is to ….make sure you’re not going to destroy it during your efforts. If it’s dry clean only or you’re not sure, you’re better off taking it to the dry cleaners – why take the risk?”

At Classic Cleaners, we agree. Our stain removal technicians are trained to analyze fabrics and fabric stains and select the most appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, remember never to rub a stain.  Instead, lay the stained area down on several layers of paper towels and blot the backside of the fabric with a heavy-duty liquid detergent.

Next, bring the garment to Classic Cleaners’ store – there’s one near you!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team