Surveying the Classic Cleaners Survey

The slang expression “Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back” refers to people who praise themselves too highly. Yet, according to many psychologists, it’s OK to pat yourself on the back when you’ve accomplished something special, pointing out that self-congratulation can be a healthy exercise in raising self esteem. 
With their new and improved website finally up and running, the professionals at Classic Cleaners have time to reflect on the results of the customer survey results from last fall, and on the wonderful boost to self- esteem that customer feedback provided.

(Dr. Michael R. Edelstein suggests self-esteem can be harmful when it causes people to have difficulty admitting their behavior is unhealthy or unwise.  Edelstein suggests that it would be healthier for us to evaluate our actions without drawing either positive or negative conclusions about ourselves.)

In the case of the Classic Cleaners survey, it was not intended for “arm-breaking” at all, but to accomplish three things:

  1. Help Classic Cleaners owners know more about the demographics of its customer
    base – where they are located, what age groups they fall into, and how long they have      
    been customers.
  2. Remind customers of the “Classic Rewards” program.
  3. Find out what concerns customers might have with the appearance and cleanliness of the stores, the friendlessness and patience of the front desk representatives, and with the timeliness and quality of order completion.Three very important aspects of the Classic Cleaners business earned almost across-the-board rave reviews:1.  convenience

    2.  friendliness

    3.  quality

No surprise to Classic Cleaners – customers are looking for good value at the lowest possible cost.  In fact, price was the only “negative” recorded by any of the survey respondents! Classic Cleaners’ response: That’s exactly the reason we offer the Classic Rewards program and all the limited time offers – to help you save money while taking advantage of the extra quality Classic Cleaners provides.

At Classic Cleaners, WE”RE looking for value as well.  And what we value is – our customers!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team