Classic Cleaners Answers Reader's Question About Ivory Wedding Dresses

 The ivory wedding dress has become the favorite brand in many young lovers’ eyes,” according to the writers of

“Ivory seems to be the predominant color chosen by brides who are getting married the second time, opines

So, which is it? Asks one Classic Cleaners’ blog reader.  Can first-time brides wear ivory, and can white be appropriate for a “second time around” bride?

As specialists in wedding gown care and preservation, Classic Cleaners professionals typically meet brides – and their dresses – after the big color decision has already been made.

  • Before the big day, Classic Cleaners performs alterations and prepared dresses for travel to a destination wedding site.
  • After the wedding, Classic Cleaners’ expert stain removal process comes into play. Many brides select MuseumCare preservation in hopes a daughter or even granddaughter will be able to someday carry on the tradition.So, no, we’re usually not consulted on color selection ahead of time.  But, since, at least one reader has popped the ivory vs. white question, here’s what we know:

Only since Queen Victoria’s wedding was white even used for wedding dress.  In fact, the color thought to symbolize purity and virginity was blue, with white meant for mourning!  Later, white became a status symbol, meaning you could afford to spend money on a garment that would be worn only once!

The most sensible response we found to the white-ivory question was given by a Yahoo!answers reader:  “My dress is off-white because it goes better with my complexion!”

In recent months, Classic Cleaners has dry cleaned, prepared, restored dresses in red, gray, ivory, and white, ranging from worn only once to 47 years old! We can tell you – they are all beautiful.

Our final answer (yes, Regis!) to our blog reader’s query – Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.  Whatever color makes you feel most beautiful – IS most beautiful!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team