Turning a Proud Face on Men's and Women's Shirts at Classic Cleaners

“People calling themselves ‘ironists’ get a thrill from taking their ironing board, unplugged iron, and some of

Extreme Ironist

their wrinkly clothes to some extreme places and photograph themselves doing it. Such places include extreme altitude, underwater, hanging from cliffs, and on top of vehicles,” relates sportzfun.com.

Most of our customers would prefer to avoid ironing even in the safety of their own home, much less hanging from a cliff or perched atop a vehicle. They much prefer to leave the ironing to the expert “ironists” at Classic Cleaners!

And nowhere is the Classic Cleaners expertise in ironing more apparent – and more appreciated – than when it comes to men’s and women’s shirts. Truth be told, our “ironists” do have expert help from the latest technology, including our Unipress machine for shirts.

Typical “Pet Peeve C’s ” that simply don’t happen with Classic Cleaners-style shirt processing:

  • Clamp marks on shirts (A Classic Cleaners-processed shirt can be worn tucked in – or out –  with confidence)
  • Crinkled facing on collar (A Classic Cleaners-processed shirt can be worn open-necked with confidence)
  • Cracked buttons  (Classic Cleaners replaces cracked buttons and repairs loose ones)

Sorry, we don’t iron underwater or in the alps, but we certainly do turn a proud face on men’s and women’s shirts at Classic Cleaners!

 by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team