Fast, But Never Furious With Classic Cleaners

Providing the highest-quality, VIP-level dry cleaning, laundry, and restoration services has been top priority at Classic Cleaners for twenty five years. We know the top three things customers want:

  • My clothes back
  • On time
  • Ready to wear

That’s why, as your full-service cleaner, we’re dedicated to turning out beautiful results every time.

In today’s busy world, we know that, more than ever before, in addition to these three basic expectations, customers value speed and convenience.

Actually, this is hardly new. In fact, American history is filled with examples of the trend towards speed and convenience, going all the way back to the Pony Express in 1860, the “fast” mail service that carried messages by horseback across the prairies, plains, deserts, and mountains of the Western United States. Then, in 1930, Americans pioneered the drive-through concept that caught on throughout the developed countries of the world..  (Maid-Rite in Springfield, Illinois, is one company claiming to have had the first drive-through window.)

But speed by itself isn’t always satisfying and productive, and many companies learned the hard way the truth in the old saying “Haste makes waste”. “From the transcontinental railroads to the creation of the Web, companies have always had to balance ‘good enough now’ with ‘perfect too late'”, remarks Bob Lewis of Advice Line.

In keeping with our motto “the modern craft of clean”, Classic Cleaners constantly works to combine the latest in technology with decades of specialized professional experience to achieve both quality AND convenience. Classic Cleaners Express Service includes:

  • Express Bag with ID tags holds drop off cleaning
  • Heat seals ensure tracking and speed check-in and order assembly
  • 24-hour drop off boxes in selected locations
  • Lockers for secure 24-hour pickup
  • e-mail notification when order is ready
  • Drive-through service
  • Secured credit card auto-pay

No need to balance “good enough now” and “perfect too late”. With Classic Cleaners Express Service, you can have perfect AND on time!

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team