No-Sweat Fine Sweater Care is a Specialty at Classic Cleaners: February Limited Time Offer Begins Today!


With Classic Cleaners’ owners being history buffs, it’s fun to look back into clothing history.  And with the Limited Time Offer on sweaters set to begin today, we’re pleased to offer some fascinating tidbits on that very popular type of garment.

The word “sweater” had its origins in, of all things, horse training.  During tough workouts, explains, trainers would drape heavy blankets over their horses to induce perspiration.  Over time, the blankets became known as sweaters.

Later, athletes found they could use the same principle in their own training, working out in heavy clothing to lose weight and get conditioned.  The garment industry picked up on the fashion possibilities, and when move stars began appearing in sweaters for riding or sports, the trend was “in” for good!

At Classic Cleaners, handling sweaters, from removing “pills” on bulky woolen sweaters, or giving special treatment to the most delicate synthetic sweaters, has become routine.

Isn’t it time to gather up your sweaters for some no-sweat, beautiful-results, Classic Cleaners’ care?

by Reb of the Classic Cleaners Blog Team`