Sweater Care Tips

We love our sweaters, don’t we! We care for hundreds of sweaters during this time of year; bright colors, specialty fabrics, and even those fashionable ruffles!  

If you would rather care for your sweaters at home, we have some recommendations:

1.  Measure! We have helped many customers with a shrunken sweater or item. You want to make sure the priceless piece you purchased actually still fits once you wear it. Measure it by tracing it, or just pulling out a simple measuring stick and note the chest, shoulders, hem and length of each arm. There’s your starting point for after the wash.

2.  Cool water is your best bet when washing your garments, with mild detergent an a splash of fabric softener dropped in too. Place all of this with your sweater in a big basin for the washing, not your actual washing machine. Move the items around in your basin to activate the detergent and softener.

3.  Rinse. Repeat. Be sure to rinse until the water runs clear simple as water should. Gently work out the excess water from your item.

4.  Place your sweater on a drying rack and refer to your measurements. Reshape if necessary to make sure you get that proper fit.

5.  Pat the sweater with a towel to further remove moisture. You may wish to lay down a towel before you place your sweater on the drying rack.

6.  Flip the sweater every so often to make sure you’re not placing wrinkles where they shouldn’t be. You may need to use a steamer once your item is dry to remove any last bit of imperfections.

Do you have more sweater cleaning tips? Please share them as we always love to help our customers get the most mileage from their clothes, especially those favorite sweaters.