Nip and Tuck with Classic Cleaners' Newest Limited Time Offer


20% off Alterations* January 23 – February 12

“People come in different sizes, and they change shape with age,” says Jolly Timberlake  in Uber Articles, stating the rather unpleasant obvious.

Timberlake adds an important and not-always-obvious note: “Alteration is the job of a specialist, as it requires refitting of a completed garment in a way that it doesn’t look or feel awkward.” “Our clothes are very important to us,” adds Satyan7 of “We want them to fit properly.”

“You bet,” say the professionals at Classic Cleaners. “You’ve entrusted your clothes to us to keep them fresh, clean, and properly pressed – we want to be sure they fit well, too.” The most “fitting” time will be (drum roll)…the next two and half weeks with the Classic Cleaners’ limited time offer of 20% off alterations.

Coming up on nineteen years as Manager of Alterations, Ohi Suhre invites clients to take advantage of the complete Classic Cleaners **.  Most dry cleaners provide only limited services such as repairing tear, replacing buttons, fasteners, and zippers, or patching elbows.  At Classic Cleaners, Suhre explains, you can have garments let out, taken in, and re-tailored, including even pants, leather jackets, tuxedos, and heirloom clothing.

Psst…has your shape changed with age?  Don’t worry – we’ll never tell and no one will ever know after your expert clothing makeover by Classic Cleaners!

Classic Cleaners Alterations Manager Ohi Suhre

alterations services

* dry cleaning charges may apply
** for fittings, it is best to come to the Bash St. main store

By Reb of the Classic Cleaners blog team